Leather carving elves and floral Women's shoulder bag

Comprehensively learn how to carve elves, how to make elves’ hats and facial features, how to use a rotary knife to cut lines, how to carve flowers, how to dye flowers, how to handle leather edges, how to punch leather, how to sew by hand, how to install locks, and how to assemble bags.

The course, after precise editing, lasts for 250 minutes and is divided into 6 chapters, including elwes Carving, elves Dyeing, Flower Carving, Flower Dyeing, and Assembly of Your Bag. It features multi lens, multi angle, and high-definition shooting, accompanied by voice explanations and English subtitles. A 20 year leather carving art teacher provides detailed demonstrations. The entire process is easy to understand, does not require too many tools, and low-cost learning of leather carving art. Suitable for beginners who enjoy leather carving art.

The lecturer is a professional leather carving craftsman with 20 years of experience in leather carving research. His research projects include leather carving techniques on topics such as portrait, scenery, animals, flowers, etc. I have trained hundreds of students (ranging in age from 5 to 70) and have extensive experience in course recording.

If you encounter any problems during your studies, you can contact me and communicate with me. I am glad that you can participate in this course, and I also hope to communicate with you and work together to make you feel the joy of learning leather carving.


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