Disinformation Warriors: Media, Science, Truth and Animation

By taking this course you will learn ideas and gain strategies related to media literacy, critical thinking, scientific process, animation and art creation.

If you are younger than 18, you will need your parents permission and supervision to take this course. This course is designed for youth 14 or older but anyone can take the course so get your kids enrolled!

Art is a way of showing truths and in a world that is majorly influenced by the internet and other screen media, it is essential for artists and content creators to have a sharpened sense of not just storytelling but also truth seeking.

By learning about these philosophical topics, this course will inspire learners to discover and research ideas to present in their artwork and animations.

This course was originally created online and was presented to students on Zoom during the COVID pandemic and it was presented at Telus SPARK from July-December 2021.

Through engaging Zoom-recorded sessions, now prepared for Udemy, learners will delve into the heart of media literacy, exploring the interplay between modern media, scientific inquiry, and indigenous wisdom. This course is not just about learning—it’s about applying knowledge creatively. There are five workshops in this course:

Workshop One: Beliefs, Biases, Technology

In workshop one, we will start off with an exploration of our own beliefs and biases—how they shape our perceptions and how technology can both challenge and reinforce them. Learners will also get to find out how to make memes based on the workshop ideas and see some examples.

Workshop Two: Science, Indigenous Knowledge, and Six-Word Stories

In workshop two, we will take a general look at concepts and ideas related to the scientific process and to indigenous knowledge. Finally, we will analyze and write six word stories to distill complex concepts and capture ideas in a way that resonates with as few words as possible.

Workshop Three: News, Media, Credibility

Next, in workshop three, we’ll navigate through the media and news ecosystem, dissecting what credibility really means in today’s information age. You’ll gain more ideas for animating the concepts of media literacy, giving life to what often goes unseen.

Workshop Four: Fact-Checking, Images, Hype

In workshop four, it’s time to become a detective in the digital domain. We’ll learn how to check facts, dissect images, and cut through the hype and nonsense, on the internet and in real life. Your animations will capture reality and get supported with informed research.

Workshop Five: Animation With Stop Motion Studio

In workshop 5, you will engage with some universal animation concepts. You’ll get to see how the application ‘Stop Motion Studio’ can be used to create a stop motion animation based on the ideas you learned in this course. Find out how you can ask more questions and make more discoveries in the art jam and make your animated messages louder.

By the end of this course, you won’t just be a passive consumer of information; you’ll be empowered in the search for truth, equipped with the intellectual tools and digital prowess to make a louder impact. Your creations will not only showcase your new skills but also serve as a call to action, inspiring others to join the ranks of informed citizens in our digital age.


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