5 Sewing Machine Secrets You Might Not Know

5 Sewing Machine Secrets You Might Not Know

Ive been sewing almost all my life, but I didnt know there were still some things I didnt know with my sewing machine. Evelyn Wood on YouTube listed some clever tips for your sewing machine I bet you didnt know. From zipper foot to hand wheel, Im sure these tips will help you utilize your sewing machine and use it to its fullest.

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Learn the following tips today by watching the video below. Share this also with your friends or family members who like sewingThanks to Evelyn Wood for these fantastic sewing machine tips! Make sure to check the channel for more videos just like this.

#1 Zipper Foot

Your zipper foot is not just for zippers, you can actually use it for so many different things. For example, you can use it to guide you while you sew your fabric down in your machine.

Using the presser foot of your sewing machine to other things
Image credits: Evelyn Wood via Youtube

#2 Thread

There are times that when you pull your thread, it won’t move an inch like it’s stuck. There’s actually a solution for this. Just lift your presser foot, and the tension will release into the thread, allowing you to pull through your thread with ease.


#3 Hand Wheel

Use the hand wheel to sew with so you don’t need to put your foot on the pedal of your sewing machine.

#4 Reverse Function

If your sewing machine doesn’t have a reverse function, you can lock your seams in an old-fashioned way. Sew down a few stitches, lift up your foot, and move your fabric back the way you started, then sew over again to lock your seams.

#5 Clean Your Machine

You can actually take off the metal plate in your sewing machine so you’ll be able to clean the inside of your machine.

Cleaning your sewing machine
Image credits: Evelyn Wood via Youtube

5 Sewing Machine Secrets You Might Not Know

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