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After checking out the spec sheet on the Ikier K1 Pro Max Laser Etcher / Cutter, I wanted to give this new 24/48 Watt laser tool a good workout in my workshop because I have been looking for the time when advancements in laser etcher / cutter technology have elevated enough that I can consider one as serious new tool for my woodwork shop; I want to use it for etching and cutting wood and making other embellishments in woodworking; This new Ikier K1 Pro is much easier to use, when you combined with Lightburn Software we now have the ability to create or modify laser plans and the software can also be used for controlling the laser; I was so serious, I added some accessories like the Material Bed, the Dust / Safety Cover for the machine, a Rotary Tool for etch tumblers, and even a Camera for more accurate use of material; I am very happy with the results this laser can provide, it has a wide range of power and speed and is perfect for a one person woodworking shop.

Check out full article and pictures here – https://bit.ly/47b24vk

IKIER Official Website:
IKIER K1 Pro Max 48W:https://www.ikier.com/products/ikier-k1-pro-max-48w-24w-laser-power-switching-cutter-and-engraver
IKIER K1 Ultra 36W:https://www.ikier.com/collections/machines/products/ikier-k1-ultra-36w
IKIER K1 Pro 1064nm 20W Fiber:https://www.ikier.com/collections/machines/products/ikier-k1-pro-1064nm-20w-fiber

And you can check them from the Woodworkweb store on Amazon:
IKIER K1 Pro Max 48W:  https://bit.ly/3QW5qgg
IKIER K1 Ultra 36W:   https://bit.ly/3G0oxiO
IKIER Laser Bed: https://bit.ly/46cCLrB
IKIER Enclosure: https://bit.ly/3ufDN8Y
IKIER Rotary Tool: https://bit.ly/3MI0c56

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