Bring on the Hygge. 9 Cozy Gifts Anyone Would Love!

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I’m NOT a fan of winter. I feel like the only highlights are the holidays!
And after New Years Eve? I pretty much want to crawl in my bed with a good book and stay there till the world starts heating up again.
I came across something called Hygge. Have you heard of it? 

It’s a Danish word/concept that basically entails creating a cozy, content, and comfortable mood. You’ll see lots of ideas for creating hygge in your home and I’ve grown to just LOVE this concept! 
Think: Candles, fireplace, cozy blankets, hot cocoa and a twinkling Christmas tree. 
All of those things evoke Hygge.

I thought it might be fun to share a few things that will “bring on the hygge”. These all make the most wonderful cozy gifts for just about anyone on your life, and I found ALL of them at Kohl’s!. 
I love shopping at Kohl’s for just about everything!  I always find the perfect touches for my home, clothing for my whole family and of course, the perfect gifts.  I can always count on them being such great quality. Plus, they ship quickly and they always have awesome coupons and sales going on!

Here are a few cozy gifts I’m snagging this year!

1. Blankets, Blankets, Blankets.
I don’t know about you, but nothing says cozy like a fabulously soft and luxurious blanket. They’re one of my favorite gifts to give and receive at any age! There are a ton our there to choose from, but I love me 2 kids in particular – a soft faux fur and when things get REALLY serious, a heated blanket!

This faux fur blanket is divine with a capital D. Wrap yourself in this baby and you’ll forget all your winter woes. It also makes a lovely gift for anyone that you might not know what to get! 

And if you’re cold 24/7 like I am, this heated blanket is the answer. Plug this in and you’ll close your eyes and think you’re on a tropical island. 😉 But really, it’s so perfect for those freezing winter nights and mornings!


2. Cozy Socks.
I feel like cozy socks are something everyone loves, but never buys for themself! 
I found these Muk Luk socks and knew they had to be added to my cart! They’re like slipping your feet into the clouds! So sort and cozy! They would make an awesome stocking stuffer!

3. Robes
I realized last month that I’ve had the same robe for 10 years. Let’s just say it was on its last leg! I fell in love with this plush wrap robe, and I think ANYONE would love to rock it! In fact, you may never get them out of it! 

4. Pj Pants.
Is it really the holidays without some new seasonal pj’s? I loved the option of pj pants paired with a simple tee or sweatshirt. These caught my eye because of the fair isle print! Such a classic.


Plus the jogger style bottom is always a hit! You don’t have to worry about the hems dragging on the floor or through the snow if you sometimes wear these out. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell!)

5. Slippers for all ages. 

Nothing says comfort like warm toes. Funny story, I actually never wore slippers myself till this year. No joke. I got a pair and I’ll never go back. It’s so nice in the mornings when my hardwood floors are chilly!
These Squishmallow slippers are a kiddo favorite! They’re as plush as their stuffed animal counterpart, but you can wear them on your feet! So cute, and so soft!

I thought this pair was particularly perfect for the “Papa” in your life. The tartan plaid is a classic that can be worn year round and not just during the holidays!
There’s actually a whole family collection that matches here!

6. Portable mini crockpot.
I LOVE this unique idea. It’s a mini, portable crockpot that will keep your food warm when you’re on the go. 
Nothing comforts the soul more than a warm lunch/dinner, so gift this to someone that could use a good meal when they’re out and about. 

Aren’t those fun gifts? And at fabulous prices! I think just about anyone would love a cozy gift for the holidays, so ‘add to cart’ and spread the warmth and love this winter!

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