3 CurrentBody Black Friday Deals, and NEW LED Sauna Blanket

Thanks to CurrentBody for sponsoring this post. If you’ve had your eye on any of these devices, NOW is the time to grab them with BIG Black Friday Savings!

If you haven’t taken great measures when it comes to beauty, you are probably in the minority. There are some really cool devices out there, thanks to modern technology, that can do wonders in anti-aging, pain relief, and in getting rid of unwanted hair. If you’ve seen any of these cool CurrentBody devices and have wanted to try them out, NOW is your chance! 

Current Body Black Friday Favorites

Black Friday is NOW LIVE at CurrentBody and our readers get a BIGGER discount than ever before on these select devices. These codes are EXCLUSIVE, only for HowDoesShe readers so take advantage and score big!

1. The NEW HigherDOSE LED Sauna Blanket 

WOW! Check out the new HigherDOSE LED Sauna blanket from CurrentBody. It uses heat to drain toxins, boost circulation, soothes aches post workout, world for lymphatic drainage and promotes deep relaxation. It’s fabulous for athletes, people like me who struggle with arthritis in their joints, and for anyone who wants added health benefits. The device uses clay, crystals and charcoal for body healing and to flush out any impurities within the body.

It’s like having a sauna in your home!

Personally, I struggle in the winters because I’m always cold. The HigherDOSE LED blanket wraps you in warmth and gives you the most relaxing treatment that you’ll come to look forward to.

How to use it:

Step 1: Wear clothing and socks to cover your skin

Next, step 2: Lay the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket on a flat, heat-resistant surface

Step 3: Grab a towel to use as a barrier between your body and the blanket

Then step 4: Turn the blanket on desired level and leave it to pre-heat for 10 minutes

Step 5: Slip into the sauna blanket and zip it up. Enjoy a deeply relaxing 3045 minute session

Step 6: Rinse yourself off in an ice-cold shower to cleanse and cool your body. It’ll also boost your
healing benefits

How long and how often? It is a 30 – 45 minute session once a week to begin and then two/three times a week once you build up to it.

Black Friday Deal: Use code HDSSAUNA for 35% off thru November!

That will knock the price down from its original $699 to $499 for TWO WEEKS ONLY! An incredible investment into your own personal sauna at home!

2. CurrentBody LED Mask – 25% Off with code HDSLED

Want the most powerful LED mask the world has to offer? Then you’ll definitely want the CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Face Mask. It’s 30% more powerful than any other LED mask and 97% of people agree that their skin looked younger and felt fresher after use.

I personally use the CurrentBody LED mask and can agree. When I’m regular with using it (3x weekly), then my skin looks more radiant, firm, and healthy. It’s a Botox alternative that is making waves!

Black Friday Deal: Use code HDSLED for 25% off!

This is the biggest deal of the year!! The most they usually discount is 15% OFF. Act now!

If you’re going to do something good for your face, this is the device to do it. You’ll get the biggest, most noticeable results when you make it part of your regular routine. You can feel good about this purchase because CurrentBody devices are known to be the very best in the world, used by celebrities and estheticians.

3. The Popular Smoothskin ILP Hair Removal Device

Want to get rid of your unwanted hair for good? How does less shaving and more confidence when you go swimming or hit the gym sound? Get the Smoothskin IPL Hair Removal Device that I personally own and have used to pretty much eliminate hair growth in my armpits, bikini area, and even legs!

It’s a gift to yourself that will pay off big time when you don’t have to worry about hair getting in your way of a good time. (Here’s how I use it.)

Black Friday Deal: Use code HDSSMOOTH to get the device for $260 shipped (reg. $399!)

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