⚙️ EPISODE #215: There are some jigs every woodworker needs to do their best work in the most accurate efficient way. In this episode I show you my top four “must have” jigs of all time. And the best part is they are all cheap and easy to make yourself! Tune in, see if you agree, and add your comments about your favorites. (Closed captions)

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• How to Make a Cross Cut Sled (Highlight): https://youtu.be/p3xeFfyVGAY
• 3 Cut Method to a Dead-on Crosscut Sled: https://youtu.be/2l5DFlCRGKo
• Making a Tenon Jig for the Table Saw: https://youtu.be/SUkSoYexT3U
• How to Make a Miter Sled: https://youtu.be/7eB8LXt9N6Y
• How to Make a Shooting Board: https://youtu.be/GaZ64ISBvsw

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LIVE EVENTS are filmed in the shop of Tom McLaughlin, host of TV’s Classic Woodworking and Shop Night Live. Tom loves to pass on the craft of woodworking by creating projects to present in live video form backed by his over 30-years of experience making fine custom furniture.

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