Dining Table Fit for a Woodwork King

In this video, I’ll show you how to build a dining table that looks simple and will leave you wondering how it was put together.
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I used some unique birdsmouth joinery to attach the legs to the frame, which gives the table a floating appearance. And, of course, it is made from walnut hardwood, my favorite. So, let’s get started on building a table fit for a woodwork king and his family!

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0:00 Project Goals
1:31 Building the Table Top Panel
3:32 Cutting the Table Top to Shape
6:01 Cutting Leg Notches
6:50 Cutting the Under Bevel
8:11 Skillshare
8:57 Milling the Legs
9:53 Birdsmouth Joinery on Table Legs
10:54 Leg Tapers
12:02 Birdsmouth Joints
13:35 Cutting the Base Miters
14:35 Making the Half Lap Cross
15:42 Table Base Joinery
16:11 Edge Treatments
17:13 Hand Shaping the Legs
18:38 Cutting Z Clip Mortises
18:58 Glue Ups
21:08 Finish and Reveal

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Link to site – https://bit.ly/3xcnvtI

Items I used:
Toggle Clamps: https://amzn.to/47jBOP4
Rubio Monocoat: https://amzn.to/3Sn0EJT

Music by Epidemic Sound

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