Permanent Makeup eyeliner between the lashes

In this course we will see how easily and quickly you can perform lash line enhancement without even needing to pre-draw. You can use different colors to perform this treatment. We will speak about the numbing cream types as well. In case you perform the classic eyeliner, you should normally always fill in the lash line as well, as shown in the videos of this course. Otherwise, this style will be suitable for those clients, who want something very discreet, they don’t use makeup daily and want something extremely natural.

The course consists of step by step video only sequence and after you have completed watching the videos, you will get your certificate from uDemy automatically to your email and you can also download it in your account. If you have a question related to this course material, you can ask it in the section of Q&A or by sending me a message or responding to my welcome message, which you get when you start the course in the messages section.

If you want to get more free advice on permanent makeup and beauty, you can find me on youtube by the name KristinaBagrovaWood or Instagram Kristina Bagrova Wood where I share some valuable information.


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