Number ONE Woodworking Project.. that I’ve NEVER Made

Check out all my plans –
JH Circular saw shaped push sticks –

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Greg’s Garage “V-Carve Inlays – Detailed How To” –

All tools/products Used:
Freud 60 Degree V Bit –
Freud 1/8″ Down Spiral Bit –
Freud 1/4″ Down Spiral Bit –
Contour Sanding Grips –
Freud 3/4″ Round Noe Router Bit –
Freud 1/2″ Cove Bit –
4’x8’ Bora Centipede Work Table –
Glue Roller Bottle –
JessEm TS Stock Guides –
Freud Glue Line Rip Blade –
Dustopper Dust Separator –
Delta Dust Collector - or
Dewalt Sander – or
Gluebot bottle –
Titebond Wood Glue – or

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