DIY Easy Fall Tree Tutorial

DIY Easy Fall Tree Tutorial

Are you looking for DIY fall projects to update your decor this year? Look no more, as @macy.blackwell on TikTok has the perfect project for you. This DIY fall tree is so quick and easy to dothat you dont need a whole hour to do this. Its also inexpensive, and all the materials are easily found in Dollar Tree. Ill surely make one this year, as it will look so good in my living area with my other fall decor

What are you waiting for? If you want to make your space cozy and full of fall vibes, try making this DIY fall tree now! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions.


  • tomato cage
  • planter
  • fall garland
  • string of lights
  • rubber band


TikTok user @macy.blackwell started off the project by placing the tomato cage on the planter and then wrapping it all the way down with a fall garland. (Take your time and make sure you distribute the garland well, leaving no space and holes.) Once done, she then placed the string lights over the garland, wrapping it all the way down as well. (Make sure to also distribute the string lights properly so the tree would have balanced lights over.)


DIY Fall Tree!🍁 All you need is a tomato cage, planter, fall garland, string of lights, and a rubber band! Super easy and adds that cozy autumn ambience to any space!🍂 1. Place the tomato cage inside the planter. 2. Tie the ends together with a rubber band. 3. Using any fall garland, start wrapping the tree. Securing ends as you go. 4. Wrap around string lights #falldiy #falldecor #fallhomedecor #tomatocagediy #falldecorideas

original sound – cynthia


She then secured everything with some rubber bands, then placed the fall tree in the corner with some giant faux pumpkins. (It looks so perfect!)

This is a rather quick and easy fall project you can do to update your decor this year that will give your space a cozy and vibrant look. This would surely not break the bank and I bet you can find all the materials in Dollar Tree. Thanks to @macy.blackwell for this stunning fall decor tutorial. Make sure to check her account for more videos just like this.

DIY Easy Fall Tree Tutorial

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