How to Build Your Own Custom Audio Booth

Have you been trying to record good quality vocals (or other audio) and your location is giving you problems?

Do you keep dealing with issues like… ?

  • bounce back

  • echo

  • distortion

  • over-mastering to fix the issues

  • too quiet / too loud

  • rejection from clients/websites

Do you keep doing these things…?

  • moving from space to space, but it never gets better

  • staying in the same space, but results are inconsistent

  • hanging more and more blankets, but it’s always the same

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. I struggled for years before finally saying FINE! I’LL DO IT MYSELF!

This course will go over the solutions I created for myself to fix the issues I struggled with over and over again. Will they be a magic fix for every single problem? Absolutely not.

But creating your own reliable space (which you CAN take with you if you need to relocate) will allow you to calibrate your audio in a way you haven’t been able to before. It will give you a solid baseline that you likely haven’t had.  This is the KEY to consistency, which is what clients are really looking for.

Consistency is also what mastering relies upon in order to give you the best result without having to go overboard. The least amount of mastering you need, the better.

Let’s give you a great baseline. Let’s build you a booth!


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