Trading basics and price movement theory in 60 min

The student will learn fundamentals to be a trader. From the chapter market language in the book what pips can do. This course is for beginners and intermediary traders, we cover candle sticks, the importance of understanding the various types of traders, what time means to a trader from scalper to position trader to guide the student to align their objectives and their risk tolerance. The student will learn how to utilize basic tools from trend lines to indicators this will be accompanied by live market examples. These indicators include the m.a.c.d , the relative strength index, the average directional index and the stochastic. Any field has theories that guide and promulgate understanding of the principle of study and engagement. In section 3 we look at the elliot wave pattern history and concepts in depth,to consolidate the understanding of price movement we incorporate the dow theory. The importance of understanding self for trading may be a very personal journey. The importance of the basics may never be understated ,the basics will inform you when it is best to take a trade from time sessions to volume awareness. Chart pattern necklines and breakouts will allow the trader to time with precision when to take a trade or exit a trade, with a solid grasp of the basics a trader will begin to formulate a unique trade methodology.


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