How to Fix Tension in Sewing Machine Quickly

If you keep having tangled threads in your sewing projects or your machine isn’t stitching perfectly, then you must have a problem with the tension setting of your machine. Here’s a quick tip by EverythingEboni on YouTube that you can try to fix your machine on your own quickly and easily. Every sewing machine is different and results may vary as some machines are more frequently used than others. Proceed to read the written instructions down below and watch the video tutorial as well to learn how.


  • Thread
  • Bobbin
  • Paper or cardboard piece
  • Scissors


Step 1

Sometimes the thread is placed incorrectly because the string should always be in the back, if it’s in the front, simply take the thread off, then flip it upside down, and put it back. Place the thread all the way down to the needle, then grab the bobbin, and insert it to the bottom with the thread at the back as well. Change the tension setting of your sewing machine to zero, then grab a piece of paper or cardboard and make sure that your presser foot is down and the needle is lowered.

Easy Way to Fix Sewing Machine Tension
Image credit: EverythingEboni via YouTube

Step 2

Now, start stitching, then check what the stitches look like on both sides, and it should be perfect with only one color on each side. If it isn’t perfect and has some tangled ends, then increase the tension from zero to one, and keep on increasing the tension until you get the desired result. In the video tutorial, she got the perfect tension at 9 which also indicates that her machine may already need professional service and cleaning.

Easy Sewing Machine Tension Repair Hack
Image credit: EverythingEboni via YouTube


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How to Fix Tension in Sewing Machine Quickly

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