DIY No-Sew Sock Bear Tutorial

Are you feeling craftsy today? Try making these sock bears from Theresa Cottone on Youtube! This no-sew project is perfect if you dont know how to sew. They will also make a great personalized gift for your friends and family. Watch the video tutorial below to make the step-by-step instructions.


  • a pair of socks
  • cotton balls
  • mini elastic bands
  • scissors
  • cotton thread
  • ribbon
  • fabric markers


Step 1

To start, take a large cotton ball and split it in two. Position the first half of the cotton ball on one side of the sock where the seam is. After this, grab the cotton ball on the outside, and tie it tightly with an elastic band. Repeat it on the opposite side to complete the ears. Now, stuff the body with a bunch of cotton balls, making sure the ears are in the right place. When it’s fully stuffed, tie it off into a little tail in the back. Now, double-knot a piece of thread onto the head part, about a little less than halfway down from the ears, to shape the head. Trim off the excess thread, as well as the tail part.

Shaping the head of the sock bear
Image credits: Theresa Cottone via Youtube

Step 2

Moving on with the legs and tail, take the other sock and repeat the same steps for the ears, except this time, use a full cotton ball on each side. Once done, put the sock on the bear, pulling it like a pair of pants, and pulling it tight over the head. Next, grab the little nub from the tail and tie it off to connect the two sock layers. After this, roll the sock back down to the middle of the bear’s head, then trim it. Take two cotton balls, place them where the arms would go, then tuck in all the excess fabric over the thread. Tie the arms to shape it with an elastic band. Decorate the neck with some ribbon, then draw the face with a fabric marker.

Making the legs and arms of the sock bear
Image credits: Theresa Cottone via Youtube

DIY No-Sew Sock Bear Tutorial

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