Fusion 360 Absolute Beginner Course


For individuals who have always wanted to learn Fusion 360 but have found it challenging to do so, this course is for you.

Since this is a project-based course, you will learn Fusion 360 by working with me to develop 4 exciting projects.

What you’ll learn

  • How To Download Fusion 360 For Students

  • Intro to Fusion 360 workspace

  • 3D modeling in Fusion 360

  • Drawing and drafting in Fusion 360

  • Learn Basic tools for Fusion 360

  • Making photo-realistic rendering


  • Access to Fusion 360 software, available for free for students, educators, and startups

These are the major highlights of the course

  • The course is on to the point to teach you fusion 360 from scratch

  • Easy and exciting projects to learn to practice

  • Learn to use 2d Reference images to create 3d models

  • Models that can be converted Real life objects

  • Personal Tips and tricks to improve your 3d modeling

  • Autogenerated closed captioning (provided by Udemy)

  • Constantly updated course to keep up with Fusion 360 updates

What’s in this course?

This course currently contains comprehensive video lectures on Modeling, Assembly, Drawing, and Rendering which workspaces with all the tools and commands explained with real-life drawings, parts, and assemblies.

This course is made with a beginner in mind, so if you have never worked with Fusion 360, you will also find the lectures easy to follow. This course is the same for Windows as well as Mac users, so no matter what your operating system is you can use this course for learning.


You need to have access to Fusion 360 software for this course. You can get a free student version of Fusion 360 (if eligible) and a free startup edition (again, if eligible) as well. Check with the software vendor for the software license.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Fusion 360

  • Beginners of Fusion 360

  • Engineering students, hobbyists, woodworkers, 3d printing enthusiasts

Thank You


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