Woodworking: Making artwork that moves!

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In this video, I design some nautilus gears and turn them into some amazing interactive and moving artwork. No matter how long I sit and stare at the finished piece, it just doesn’t seem like the gears should work with one another… but they do! Check it out for yourself to see how awesome both pieces turned out!

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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Designing
03:15 – Carving large gears
04:25 – Background
05:09 – Motor
05:31 – Assembly of large piece
06:07 – Legs
06:55 – Finishing large piece
07:24 – Flattening
08:46 – Carving small gears
10:30 – Base
11:20 – Finishing small piece
12:11 – Showcasing small piece
12:58 – Showcasing large piece
15:08 – Outtakes

Pre-cut Gears: https://tinyurl.com/nautilusgears
CAD Gears: https://tinyurl.com/cadgears
Motor: https://amzn.to/47ihxdC

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