Tips and tricks from my courses (with sub-titles)

Your maybe thinking of buying one of my courses and your probably thinking if I go on YouTube I can get the information I need for free. Well I too go on YouTube if I need to find out something and then if I can’t, then leave a message.

And therein lies the problem. YouTubers seem to think that people have a very short attention span, and they rush to get through it as quickly as possible, each YouTuber wants to be faster than the last! you know what I mean right? (plus, you must have the obligatory baseball cap). So you leave a message, if you’re lucky somebody will reply in two or three days and in most cases not at all.

When I make a video I ask myself one question “is there anything I can include in this that will help people in understanding it better” and the answer is always yes, so I go through it in the editing stage and I ask myself the same question again and I may do this 10 times easily, and it’s only then that I know that I’ve included as much as I can think of but then if you watch one of my videos and you get stuck you can send a direct email to me and I can respond. so whatever it is you thinking of doing,  I wish you all the best with it.


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