The 10 Best Woodworking Channels You’re Not Watching

How do you fight the power of the YouTube algorithm? This algorithm largely determines your viewing behavior on the platform, exposing the same few mega-channels over and over, at the expense of smaller creators who deserve to be seen.

We’re showcasing 10 of these smaller channels — amazingly talented woodworking creators you should check out! I’m showing 5 in this video, and Jered Wilson from @inlandwoodandresin is showing the other 5 here:

That means in order to get all 10, you gotta watch BOTH videos. Pretty clever, right? 😉

Channels featured in this video:
– Dinkle’s Woodshop @dinkles_woodshop
– Start Making @startmaking1
– Cabinet Carl @Cabinetcarl
– Worst Workshop @worstworkshop
– Geometry Build @GeometryBuild

Thanks to these other awesome creators for providing additional footage:
– Jason Grissom @JasonGrissom
– Adrian Woodworm @adrianwoodworm
– My Growth Rings @MyGrowthRings
– Clara’s Woodshop @ClarasWoodshop
– Sawdust and Splinters @woodworkingwithSkyler
– Wittworks @wittworks
– Bourbon Moth Woodworking @Bourbonmoth

00:00 Intro
02:10 Dinkle’s Woodshop
03:34 Start Making
04:56 Cabinet Carl
05:58 Worst Workshop
06:55 Geometry Build
07:47 My Plea to You

Thanks for checking out these amazing channels! Every view, like, comment, share, and subscribe helps retrain the YouTube algorithm, which helps surface these and other worthy creators to more people!

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