Wooden square making – only hand tools

Hand tool woodworking. I used walnut and maple, finishing tung oil with carnauba wax, glue up – fish glue. I noticed a long time ago that if you buy a square in a store that costs less than 100$, then its accuracy plunges me into sadness. Therefore, for many years I have been making squares for myself, and they don’t wear out, more often they just get bored and I want something new, now I needed a square a little more than my smallest and a little less than a large square. I ask you to pay your attention to the fact that when you glue both parts of the square, please do not use PVA glue, as it remains elastic after drying and the seam will always be movable. Therefore, I recommend gluing the squares only with solid glue, and this is Bone glue, fish glue, or polyurethane glue. And, I almost forgot, you can also use the red Titetbond original, it is also hard and not elastic after drying.

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For a wonderful hammer made of titanium and stainless steel, as well as a planer knife made of titanium and incredible steel, many thanks to Luke from Zen Woo Tools – https://zenwutoolworks.com/products/

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