DIY Beer & Wine Tiki Torches Tutorial

I host a lot of dinner parties and gatherings, which is why Ive accumulated a lot of beer and wine bottles in our garage. As I look for ways to recycle and reuse them, Ive found these cute DIY tiki torches from WetAndForget on Youtube. This project is perfect as these tiki torches will double up as mosquito repellant while making my backyard look amazing at night. Whats more, I can do this to all of my old bottles and give out some to my friends! Ill surely have fun making this with my family this weekend. So if you also have many bottles to recycle, try this DIY! Its also a great weekend activity with your loved ones. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions. Thanks to WetAndForget for this fantastic DIY!


  • old beer/wine bottles
  • 3/8″ bushing
  • Teflon tape
  • push wick
  • funnel
  • sand and rocks
  • tiki fuel


Step 1

To start, wrap a 3/8″ bushing with Teflon tape. Next, insert a wick into the flange, leaving 1 inch outside the top for lighting. After this, weigh down the bottle by putting sand and rocks inside, then pour the tiki fuel using a funnel.

Assembling the DIY tiki torches using beer and wine bottles
Image credits: WetAndForget via Youtube

Step 2

Top off about one to two inches from the top to avoid fuel overflow when inserting the wick. Repeat these steps to create more tiki torches, then light them up and place them anywhere you like! Your DIY tiki torches are now finished!

Weighing down the beer bottle to make the tiki torch
Image credits: WetAndForget via Youtube

DIY Beer & Wine Tiki Torches Tutorial

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