Super Easy Bee Pom Pom Yarn DIY

Isn’t this the cutest DIY project you have ever seen? You can glue it on your bags, crochets, hats, or even on a magnet to use it as decoration. Learn how to make this bee pom pom through this tutorial by Ola ameS DIY on Youtube.


  • 100% acrylic yarn in white, brown, and yellow
  • two pencils
  • scissors
  • comb
  • googly eyes





Step 1:

Cut a small strand of the yellow yarn and set it aside.

Step 2:

Get two pencils and wrap the yellow yarn in the middle 20 times. Next, get the brown yarn and wrap it 20 times on top of the yellow.

Step 3:

Get the small strand earlier and insert it between the pencils on the top and bottom and tie it into a knot. Remove it from the pencil and cut the excess strands.

Step 4:

Cut the loops, then repeat the whole process to make another piece. Glue them together in opposite colors, then trim them into an oval.

Super Easy Bee Pom Pom Yarn DIY Tutorial
Image by Ola ameS DIY via Youtube

Step 5:

Get the yellow yarn and wrap it on your index finger 20 times. Take a small yellow yarn and tie it in the middle of the loop. Cut the loops, then trim them into a ball.

Step 6:

Glue the yellow ball on top of the brown end.

Super Easy Bee Pom Pom Yarn DIY Project
Image by Ola ameS DIY via Youtube

Step 7:

Get a comb and insert the end of the white yarn into one of the teeth. Count 10 down and insert it again. Repeat it 5 times, then tie the ends together. Insert a yellow yarn into a needle and sew the middle of the white loop several times. Cut and remove it from the comb.

Step 8:

Glue the wings into the bee, then glue the googly eyes. Now you have a bee.


Love this simple project? Make sure to check Ola ameS DIY on YouTube for more DIY crafts like this

Super Easy Bee Pom Pom Yarn DIY

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