Fitments and Paraphernalia

Did you know, the Bodleian Library has the world’s oldest bookcase!? Yes! Now imagine if bookcases and bookshelves do not exist, then how would we organise books and categorise them according to their genre. Would you even want to visit a library which has no chairs or tables to sit on and read or no organised books? Probably not.

Chairs, tables, bookshelves, cupboards, etc. are an important part of our lives. Furniture has become an integral part of our lives. It adds comfort to our life. Therefore, furniture planning is one of the most vital aspects of Interior Designing and Styling. It allows you to create a layout of your room during your shopping process, so that it makes it much easier to buy the right furniture for your space.

This module Fitments and Paraphernalia in Interior Styling has been categorised into two sections –

1. Residential Furniture & Furnishings

2. Commercial Furniture & Furnishings

Do you know now a days terraces or balconies are giving more importance than living room?  Rather some people are attracted because of spacious and open balcony space. They consider balcony whenever they purchase a new home. This open space is perfect for sit outs, small gathering and tea parties. In addition, people love t add garden furniture to make it more amazing. Do you want to learn more about it with related styling ideas?

For your ease of understanding this module is divided into two categories, i.e., Residential aur Commercial Furniture & Furnishings. Firstly, we’ll go through the styling ideas for the residential sector then we will discuss another one.

The Fitments and Paraphernalia module that is offered by IDL teaches you everything about Fitments and Paraphernalia in Interior Styling. You will learn about a variety of Furniture options for rooms of Residential and Commercial spaces with its significance, challenges, solutions, and styling ideas.


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