Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party! Accessories for Your Inner Barbie

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I remember getting my first Barbie dolls for Christmas when I was about five years old. Santa also left an amazing dance platform where I could put my Barbie’s feet into little slots, turn a crank, and she would dance and dance and dance.

With the new Barbie movie coming out in a few weeks (don’t worry, my girlfriends and I already have tickets), we can all relive the nostalgia! Tap into your inner Barbie with these fun NEW Barbie accessories from Fossil.  Bright pink handbags and clutches, petite wallets, and watches and jewelry to not only take to the movie, but to make your summer even bolder, even brighter!

Accessories for Your Inner Barbie

Barbie™ Crossbody

You don’t need to be a fan of Barbie to love this bold, bright bag. Oh. My. Gosh. Isn’t it SO pretty?! What a fun pop to your outfit! Seriously, all eyes will be on you when you walk in a room. I’d pair this with a simple white tee, my favorite jeans, and some pink sandals. Outfit perfection!

Barbie™ Keyfob

If your Barbies had that bright pink convertible, they were the coolest girls around. I think I saved up my allowance money for two months so I could buy a Barbie convertible. Here’s a fun nod to that dream car you can add to your key chain. Love this!

Barbie™ x Fossil Limited Edition Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Center Focal Ring

Heads up jewelry lovers…you might want to grab this Barbie LIMITED EDITION ring now before it’s gone forever. That beautiful gold detailing with the crystal pink gemstone center makes this a special piece you’ll want to wear again and again. Limited time only, never to return!

Barbie™ x Fossil Limited Edition Three-Hand Date Black LiteHide™ Leather Watch

Barbie is all about the bling and this watch has it all. The LiteHide leather makes it slim and wearable while the charms remind you of everything you loved about your childhood.

Barbie™ Wallet Crossbody

Hit the town in style with this pink, pink, PINK wallet/crossbody that will have all your friends gushing. Use it as a clutch with a sexy black dress or turn it into a crossbody with that delicate gold chain around your shoulder. Stunning and a must-have!

Barbie™ x Fossil Limited Edition Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Chain Necklace

Girl, that silhouette! This necklace is as iconic as the girl with the high ponytail. What a fun layering piece or focal point! Limited edition and one to get your hands on before it disappears.

Barbie™ x Fossil Limited Edition Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Earrings Set

If you’re looking for a subtle nod, I have the perfect Barbie accessories for you…these sweet earrings. The gold bows are my favorite! A great set to rock.

Barbie™ Zip Card Case

Keeping your cards all in one place never looked prettier. With an ombre effect and three shades of pink that would make any girl squeal…this is the grown-up version of Barbie’s favorite wallet and I love that minimal gold buckle. So great!

Barbie™ x Fossil Limited Edition Watch Ring Two-Hand Gold-Tone Stainless Steel

If Ken liked it then he should have put a ring on it. As far as Barbie accessories go, this is a no-brainer! It’s a watch, it’s a ring, it’s genius, and it’s fashion. Barbie would approve. 

Barbie™ x Fossil Limited Edition Three-Hand Black LiteHide™ Leather Watch and Interchangeable Strap Box Set

Last but not least on the list of fave Barbie accessories is this whimsical interchangeable watch. You can switch out the strap and the top ring to make you feel like you’re living the 90s again, but with even better fashion sense!


So don’t miss these Limited Edition pieces! Wear them to see the new Barbie movie with your girlfriends and then sport them all summer long for a pop of pink and a playful punch of color and whimsy. It’s like all your girlhood dreams came true!



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