Let Your Kids Travel the World Without Leaving Home

*Thanks to KiwiCo for sponsoring this post. Atlas Crates are so much fun!

Last week my kids went to Japan with their grandma and couldn’t stop talking about it. The best part…they didn’t need passports because they never left Grandma’s table. 

If your kids are headed to Grandma’s house for extended times this summer, if you’re a grandparent wanting to host “Grandma Camp,” or if you’re looking for something fun and creative your kids can do this summer besides watching TV, KiwiCo KiwiCo Crates are it!!

Let Your Kids Travel the World Without Leaving Home

Every summer my husband and I like to take a trip just the two of us and my mom is gracious enough to watch our kids for a week. But I don’t like to leave her empty-handed, I order a few KiwiCo crates that my kids can do while at her house. And the very best part is that she loves doing them with my kids.

It’s quality grandma time that my kids get to spend and that type of one-on-one interaction is priceless. I hope they’ll always have vivid memories of doing KiwiCo projects at Grandma’s house and here’s why Atlas Crates are especially fun.

Why Atlas Crates Are Especially Fun

Atlas Crates are a way for kids to explore the world without having to leave home. This Crate was all about Japan and my kids learned SO MUCH! They FaceTimed me later, telling me all about the Japanese tradition of Koinobori, or flying fish-shaped wind socks in celebration of Japan’s Children’s Day.

How cool and special is that?

Their Atlas Crate came with all of the supplies needed to make their own Koinobori with Grandma and the cutest pamphlet that they all read together and learned about this amazing culture. 

Before their Atlas Crate, my kids knew nothing about Japan. Now they know an amazing tidbit that they can use in conversations with their teachers and friends.

That’s what KiwiCo Atlas Crates can do.

They harbor a little bit of magic inside of each one. Your kids can learn about countries like Japan, Peru, Africa, and other fascinating countries from around the globe. They encourage your kids to see themselves as citizens of the world. Each activity is so much FUN, with engaging projects that will have your kids and grandkids talking about and asking a million questions. Atlas Crates spark curiosity like no other!

Get Your Kids Off Screens This Summer!

Summers are made for road trips, downtime, and afternoons at Grandma’s house. If you’ll be dropping your kids off this summer, do babysitters (thank you grandparents!) a huge favor by bringing KiwiCo with you. I promise you, they’ll thank you a million times over!

Grab a few Atlas Crates and let your kiddos become world travelers. Or snag a summer subscription and get 50% off your first box with code HOWDOESSHE.

You can also check out the KiwiCo store which is loaded with tons of fun one-off projects for long summer days. (These are lifesavers too! They have something for every age, up to 100 years young!)

Don’t let those precious summer days pass by without creating colorful memories. And I can tell you first hand that my kids sincerely adore KiwiCo projects. Every time they see that purple box, their eyes fill with light and excitement. No screen can do that.

Give your family the gift of KiwiCo and I promise you, they’ll come away happier with a cool project and special memories to show for it.


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