How to Make a Quilt Sandwich Using Pool Noodles

New quilter or not, Im sure you will learn a new technique from Peter Rosenfeld on Youtube. This method of making a quilt sandwich using pool noodles is not just genius but also super efficient! Who would have thought you could use pool noodles this way? This method is far easier than what I used to do. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions. Share this also with your friends and family


  • 3 pool noodles
  • quilt project
  • safety pins
  • placemats


Step 1

Take your backing fabric and put it right side down on your table. Next, take a pool noodle and center it on the fabric. Secure the edges of the fabric to the pool noodle with pins, then start rolling it up as smoothly as you can. Once done rolling, stick another pin so it doesn’t unwrap. Set it aside. Next, take the batting, lay it down, then center the pool noodle. Secure the edges with pins, then roll it up. Pin it and set it aside. Lastly, lay your quilt top facing up, then take the last pool noodle and roll it up just like the previous fabric.

Rolling the backing fabric on the pool noodle
Image credits: Peter Rosenfeld via Youtube

Step 2

Now, take the rolled backing fabric, take out the pin, and start to unroll about 18 inches, lining it up to the edge of your table. Next, take your batting, line it up center on your backing, and unroll it, smoothing it out. After this, take the quilt top, center it on the batting, line the edges up, and unroll it. Once done, slide the placemat underneath all the fabrics, then start pinning the sandwich. Unroll all the fabrics gently, smoothing out everything, as you go.

Pinning the quilt sandwich together
Image credits: Peter Rosenfeld via Youtube

How to Make a Quilt Sandwich Using Pool Noodles

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