6 Helpful Anti-Theft Travel Tips

If you love traveling, the following travel tips from Travel Tips by Laurie on Youtube are perfect for you. Avoid pickpockets and thieves and enjoy traveling without worrying too much with these super helpful traveling tips! These are effective, and I always apply these whenever Im visiting other countries for a vacation. Watch the video below to learn the following tips and share these also with your family and friends

#1 Crossbody Bags with Slash-Resistant Straps

Wearing these kinds of bags when traveling ensures that your bag stays on you while you’re walking.

Using an anti-slash bag when traveling
Image credits: Travel Tips by Laurie via Youtube

#2 Locking Zippers

Slowing down a thief with a locking zipper is a great security system.

#3 Bills

When traveling with bills, separate those bills so that you’re not pulling out a wad of cash when paying.


#4 Hidden Pockets

Travel with a backpack that has a back entrance with hidden pockets. This type of anti-theft bag will delay a thief.

#5 Pack Money in Different Places

Pack your valuables, especially money, in different locations. You can pack your cash in an old deodorant stick, old empty chapstick, in between the pads of your exercise bra, or at the end of a hairbrush. Divide your cash into different areas of your carry-ons, not just in one location.

#6 Public Places

Do not pull out your valuables when you are in a public location. Also, avoid a crowd of tourists coming over to ask you a question.

Avoiding crowds when traveling
Image credits: Travel Tips by Laurie via Youtube

6 Helpful Anti-Theft Travel Tips

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