Our Family’s Essential Summer Footwear

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On any given day, you will enter our home and see approximately 25 pairs of shoes scattered throughout the entry way. When we built our home, I built in lockers THINKING my 6 lovely children would put said shoes INTO the locker; alas, that is not always the case. This year, I decided to combat the excessive shoe problem, but streamlining the shoes themselves. 
After 14.5 years of being a mom, I’m learned just what shoes are the essentials for Summer AND I know where to get them to ensure quality.

Enter Kohl’s. 
Kohl’s is my one stop shop for a lot of things, but I especially love their shoe selection. You’ll recognize so many name brands, as well as many in house brands that have become some of our faves.
Not to mention, their prices are more often than not, the best around!
Combine fantastic sales and promo codes with Kohl’s cash reward system, and you have a recipe for money saving!
With so many feet always growing, we’re always on the lookout for the best in quality and price!

I wanted to share our go-to, favorite pairs for Summer!

1. Nike Sunray sandals

I’ve been purchasing these sandals since my oldest son was a toddler. They are the BEST for a couple of reasons. First, they are easy enough to get on and off that even my 3-year-old can handle it! He loves that sense of independence. Second, they are airy and breezy like a sandal, but protect the toes! Those little toes need protection. I feel like these sandals last a long time and are the type that you can pass down. A favorite in our house for sure!

2. SO slide sandals

The ever popular 2 strap slides! Listen, I know you’ve seen these before, but there’s a reason everyone owns them! They’re literally the handiest shoe ever. They come in lots of fun colors and will be the shoe you reach for daily. I wear mine to the pool, lake, outside to garden wherever! They’re not only durable, but also versatile. I’m a huge fan of this SO brand in particular. The quality is great and again, the fun colors are perfect for Summer. Every girl in our house owns a pair. For under $10, why not?

3. SO Maude sandals

I wanted to find my youngest daughter a pair of sandals that were super versatile. They needed to be shoes she could wear with shorts to school or a dress to church. That means, they couldn’t be too dressy or too casual. Enter these beauties. There’s a reason they’re selling out fast. They really are an all-purpose, darling, comfy shoe option for your girls. I only wish they had them in my size. 

4. Reef cushion Spring bloom slides
Speaking of my size, my 12-year-old daughters are officially in the same shoe size as me. This means we’re probably going to be swapping shoes more! I don’t know if that’s exciting or terrifying! Either way, Reef sandals are where it’s at! Can you picture what it would feel like to walk on a cloud? That’s pretty much what these sandals feel like on your feet! They slide on and off easily, and the straps don’t rub uncomfortably. You could walk forever in these sandals, and I don’t say that about many. 

5. Nike Court Legacy Lifts 
We’ve been on the hunt for a good summer tennis shoe! Tennis shoes and shorts don’t always look great together, but these are the answer! From the pink details to the low top to the higher platform sole, this is a drool-worthy option! 
They’re also on rare markdown right now! 

There you have it. 5 essential summer shoes that your family will wear over and over! I know my family sure is.
Kohl’s is packed with tons of fantastic shoe styles, all at awesome prices!

Happy shoe shopping!

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