15 Glow Stick Hacks for Camping, Parties, Survival, & More!

I’ve always been a big fan of glow sticks…but did you know all of the cool things they can really do?  From survival uses to party tricks, here are 15 glow stick hacks that totally rock!

Glow Stick Hacks

15 Glow Stick Hacks for All Occasions

1. Use them for emergency lighting

You normally think of flashlights and candles as the best methods of light when you’re sans electricity.  Actually, glow sticks are less expensive, less dangerous (than candles), and have an incredibly long shelf life—especially if you get military grade versions.

Glow Stick hacks 1

2. Learn how to recharge and reuse your glow sticks here.

glow stick hacks 2

3. Use glow sticks to light a tub of beverages for a nighttime party.

glow stick hacks 3

4. Bathtime fun

For kids who hate taking a bath…

glow stick hacks

5. Play glow-in-the-dark bowling

glow stick hacks 5

6. Place a glow stick inside a water balloon and hang from a stocking for cool party decor.

glow stick hacks 6

7. Make your fingernail polish glow in the dark.

8. Make cool disco lighting.

glow stick hacks 8

9. Find out how to make your own glow sticks.

glow stick hacks 9

10. Make a fairy jar.

glow stick hacks

11. Add them to your 72-hour kits (especially for kids!)

glow stick hacks 11

12. DIY lanterns for camping.

glow stick hacks 12

13. Glow stick photography

glow stick hacks 13

14. Have a nighttime pool party!

glow stick hacks 14

15. Make glow-in-the-dark bubbles with only two items.

glow stick hacks 15

Now “glow” have fun!  (Heehee!)


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