How To Tell When Fruit Is Ripe

Buying fruits could be a little challenging as you dont always get ripe ones. So how youll be able to tell if the fruits are ripe? Howdini on Youtube has the best solution for you! Whether its pineapple, strawberries, or honeydew, youll be able to tell if they are ripe without opening them. These tips could become handy if youre in the grocery buying your fruits. Whenever Im out buying fruits, I always apply these tips as theyre effective. Share these with your friends and family; these tips might become handy for them too! Watch the video below to learn the following.


If you’re going to buy pineapples, make sure to look for golden ones as opposed to green ones.

Golden pineapples are ripe
Image credits: Howdini via Youtube


When looking for ripe honeydew, touch them. Ripe ones should have a waxy soft exterior.



When buying ripe cantaloupes, tap them and you should hear a drum like sound. Another thing, when you push down in the stem, you should see a slight depression.


For strawberries, smell them and the ripe ones should smell great, like a floral fragrance.

Ripe strawberries should smell great
Image credits: Howdini via Youtube

How To Tell When Fruit Is Ripe

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