Amazing Outdoor Waterfall DIY

Isn’t this outdoor waterfall amazing? I was supposed to buy one for my garden, but the ones in the store were pretty expensive. Luckily, I found this project by DIY Stories. It didn’t take long to finish it, which I was so happy about. It made a big impact in my backyard! I am so in love with it, and the sound of flowing water is so therapeutic.


  • clay pot
  • clay jug
  • clay stand
  • water pump
  • hose pipe
  • silicone adhesive for waterproofing
  • tape
  • rocks
Amazing Outdoor Waterfall DIY Tutorial
Image by DIY Stories via Youtube



Step 1:

Be careful when drilling the holes, as you don’t want to break the clays. Drill a hole in the clay pot just below the middle on the back and front so the hose pipe and wire can pass through it. Take note that you need to make a bigger hole for the hose pipe. Next, drill a hole in the clay stand about an inch and a half from the bottom to hide the hose pipe. After that, drill a hole in the jug for water supply.

Step 2:

Cut the plug from the water pump using pliers. Place the water pump inside the clay pot and insert the wire through the hole. Next, insert the hose pipe into the other hole and connect it to the pump. Secure it with tape. Properly connect the wires. Seal holes with silicone.

Step 3:

Insert the hose pipe into the hole of the clay stand and pass through the top. Place it just beside the clay pt. Next, insert it into the clay jug. Make sure to seal all of the holes with silicone. If you don’t seal them properly, water will start draining.

Amazing Outdoor Waterfall DIY Project
Image by DIY Stories via Youtube

Step 4:

Scatter the rocks around the clay pot and stand.

Step 5:

Fill the pot with water and turn on the water pump.



Amazing Outdoor Waterfall DIY

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