DIY Ever-Open Laundry Bag Tutorial

Are you looking for your next DIY project? Try making this  DIY ever-open laundry basket from Pinbusters on Youtube. I bet this DIY project is the easiest project youll ever do. All you need for this project is an old pillowcase and an extra large embroidery hoop. Super quick and easy, right? This is a great project, especially if you have some old pillowcases to dispose of. Make this with your friends or family this weekend! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions.


  • pillowcase
  • extra large embroidery hoop
  • string


Step 1

Take the inner part of your hoop, pull your pillowcase over it, and attach the edges to the hoop’s rim. Once done, take your outer rim and get it over the top. Tighten the hoops, making sure the pillowcase won’t slip.

Attaching the pillowcase to the embroidery hoop
Image credits: Pinbusters via Youtube

Step 2

Now, you can add a string and hang it over on the back of your door.

Hanging the DIY ever-open laundry bag
Image credits: Pinbusters via Youtube

DIY Ever-Open Laundry Bag Tutorial

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