DIY No-Sew Teepee Tent Tutorial

Are you looking for a weekend DIY activity? Make this No-Sew teepee tent from Alwayzfashionablylate on Youtube! This DIY is perfect, especially if you have kids who like playing in your backyard all day. This DIY teepee could be their rest area. Its a fun DIY project that doesnt involve sewing, so its easy enough to make on your own or with your kids. The materials are also easy and only require basic crafting materials. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions.


  • 4 wooden sticks or poles, about 6 – 8 ft high or as tall as you want
  • 2 – 3 heavy-duty rubber bands
  • 2 – 3 yards of fabric or your choice (or about 9×12 drop cloth)
  • a roll of twine
  • florals
  • scissors
  • blanket (or whatever you like for the base of the tent)


Step 1

To start, lay your fabric on the ground, then gather the wooden sticks and secure them with a heavy-duty rubber band on top. Make the sticks stand and position them in a triangle shape. Once you have the frame set, grab the fabric and wrap it around.

Fixing the frame of the DIY teepee tent
Image credits: Alwayzfashionablylate via Youtube

Step 2

Fix the fabric around and smoothen it out. After this, put two holes on each side of the top part fabric of the teepee and tie a piece of twine to make sure the fabric won’t move around. Decorate the top with some florals, place fabric or foam inside the teepee, and you’re done! Your DIY no-sew teepee tent is now finished!

Attaching the florals on top of the teepee tent
Image credits: Alwayzfashionablylate via Youtube

DIY No-Sew Teepee Tent Tutorial

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