Who would even think that you could turn frisbees from Dollar Tree into this beautiful DIY gazebo chandelier? I super love this idea by The Crafty Shopper. It turned out so beautiful and didn’t look like it was just a do-it-yourself project. Place it on your front porch or backyard, and it will instantly elevate the space.


  • Dollar Store frisbee for the rings (2 sizes)
  • jute rope
  • 2 boxes of battery-operated lights
  • green floral
  • plant hangers
  • zip ties





Step 1:

Remove the fabric covering the rings by cutting them and tearing them apart.

Step 2:

Get two objects of the same size so you can hold the big ring up. Make some marks around the ring spaced evenly. After that, tape your battery-operated lights on the marks. Repeat with the smaller ring.

DIY Gazebo Chandelier tutorial
Image by The Crafty Shopper via Youtube

Step 3:

Cut the green floral into pieces, then zip-tie them around the rings. The stems must be parallel to the ring. You don’t need to cover the whole ring. It’s okay to have a little bit of space in between each piece.

DIY Gazebo Chandelier project
Image by The Crafty Shopper via Youtube

Step 4:

This will be the most tedious partwrap the ring with jute rope. When you do this, make sure you lift the leaves. Repeat with the smaller ring.

Step 5:

Once the two rings are done, put some zip ties on three sides of the rings. Hook the plant hanger on the smaller ring through the zip ties. Next, shorten the other plant hanger and hook the end on the small ring and the other to the big ring. Glue the battery pack on the top part of the ring so it will be easy to just slide off and put your batteries when they need to be changed.



If you like this project, make sure to visit The Crafty Shopper on Youtube. She has a lot of wonderful tutorials that are cheap and easy to create

DIY Gazebo Chandelier

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