5 Woodworking Projects That DON’T Sell | Do Not Waste Your Time!

5 woodworking projects you want to avoid. In this video I discuss what projects you should avoid in woodworking so you can make money. If you are just starting in woodworking this video can save you time and money. Beggining as a woodworker is hard enough, do not try to make a woodworking business by selling items in this video. Can you make money woodworking? Yes and you can make money selling the projects in this video, but it is very hard to build a business making the products in this video! I hope this information helps you get to the next stage in your woodworking journey!
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0:00 – Intro
0:24 – #1 Projects with Plans
2:21 – #2 NON-Customized Generic Products
3:35 – #3 Coasters
5:14 – #4 3D Carvings
6:39 – #5 Wood Turnings
7:48 – Outro

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