15 Delicious, No-Fail Camping Foods

Let’s transform your camping food before your next camp trip!

Camping is such a fun part of summer that brings families together.  Growing up, thanks to my foodie relatives, we ate like kings.  Delicious dutch oven chicken, potatoes, and scones, bounteous breakfasts of eggs, bacon, and pancakes–you’d never know you were “roughing it.”

Camp food doesn’t need to mean hot dogs and hobo dinners.  With a little creativity (and some mouth-watering photo inspiration), you too can make gourmet meals in the wilderness!

1. Campfire corn on the cob


2. Dutch oven lasagna

dutch oven lasagna


3. Melt in your mouth campfire strawberries

  I can personally attest to the divine deliciousness of this heavenly little morsel on a stick.  If you are anywhere near a campfire this summer, this is THE ONE treat you have to try!


4. Dutch oven Lemon Cheesecake Coffee Cake

Make this breakfast even more simple by using Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls!  With extra filling in the layers, this is incredibly tasty!

lemon cinnamon


5. Fire grilled sandwiches


6. Camping nachos


7.  Raspberry double dutch

raspberry double dutch


8.  Tin foil gourmet steak dinner


9.  Breakfast burritos


10.  Dutch oven caramel apple pie

Dutch Oven Caramel Apple Pie // You won't find an easier dutch oven dessert recipe. This delicious Caramel Apple Pie made with Rhodes Bake N Serv rolls is absolutely wonderful. Add a dollop of ice cream and you've got a match made in heaven! | Tried and Tasty

11.  Curly dogs

Easy Curly Dogs Recipe

12.  Chili cheese tin foil fries

13.  Potato boat tin foils


14.  Tin foil barbecue chicken and fries


15.  Dutch oven cobblers

Finally, camping just isn’t camping without delicious, hot fruit cobblers.  I particularly like this recipe because it uses simple ingredients you can pack with you (cake mix, lemon-lime soda, whipped cream, and your choice of fruit), and it gives great step-by-step dutch oven cooking instructions.


Do you have any camping favorites or camp cooking secrets?  Please share!


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