Fusion 360 Simulations


Welcome to Fusion 360 Simulations

In this course we will be covering all of the simulations in Fusion 360

Also there will also be some basic diving into the physics that drives to these simulations

This will allow you to analyze your results and make improvements to your model to improve performance

First we will go over what information you will get from the simulation (what the simulation is for)

Then the basics physics will be covered

Then the environment for each simulation and options that are different between simulations will be over-viewed

Then a example will be setup using various options from the simulation study

Then the results will be analyzed and reviewed and brief discussion on improvements that could be made to part or study

Know this going in, simulating in fusion is very expensive

Static Stress is free but the cheapest simulation after that is 9 USD a simulation

Then the simulation price goes all the way up to 33 USD for Generative Design

To finalize a design it may take many revisions and updates and re simulating

This cost can add up fast to be aware

If you plan on doing alot of simulations there is a 1,600 USD Simulation Extension

This extension allows you to do infinite simulations

This might make sense for the simulation count you are doing

Make sure to evaluate the ROI (Return on Investment) for Simulation Extensions

But this does not cover generative design in the extension that is separate extension

Covered simulations are:

Static Stress

Modal Frequencies

Electronics Cooling


Thermal Stress

Structural Buckling

Nonlinear Static Stress

Quasi-static Event Simulation

Dynamic Event Simulation

Shape Optimization

Injection Molding Simulation

Generative Design


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