22 Crazy-Good Bacon Combos That Make You Believe Everything’s Better with Bacon!

Crazy Bacon

My husband has an upcoming party where the men are encouraged to cook and bacon is even more encouraged.  Which led me on a search of the greatest bacon dishes that ever lived.  What I found will astound you.  And perhaps make you believe that everything really is better with bacon!

22 Crazy-Good Bacon Combos That Make You Believe Everything’s Better with Bacon!

1. Okay, it’s mozzarella cheese, stuffed inside a meatball, wrapped in bacon!  Bacon fans will go gaga for these Cheesy Bacon Meatball Bombs.

Crazy Bacon 1

2. Yes please!  Candied Bacon–Maple Pecan Crusted Bacon

Crazy Bacon 2

3. Pancakes and Bacon…no really…the bacon is cooked inside the pancakes!

Crazy Bacon 3

4. Maple bacon pancake muffins.  Imagine dipped in buttermilk syrup…yum.

Crazy Bacon 4

5. Bacon-wrapped cinnamon rolls.  Seems like camping would be a great place to try these bad boys out!

Crazy Bacon 5

6. Bacon jam.  I’m not even kidding.

Crazy Bacon 6

7. Good morning!  Dutch baby pancake nest with bacon and eggs

Bacon and Eggs Dutch Pancakes

8. Pancakes and Bacon cookies.  You’re so welcome.

Crazy Bacon 8


9. Get out of town.  Bacon Cannolis!

Crazy Bacon 9

10.  I’d definitely try this one–bacon dipped in chocolate.

Crazy Bacon 10

11. Speaking of chocolate…these bacon truffles are a little salty and a little sweet.

Crazy Bacon 11

12. Bacon Chex mix for your next gathering.

Crazy Bacon 12

13. I love the bacon lattice crust on this yummy-looking maple bacon breakfast pie.

Crazy Bacon 13

14. Maple bacon popcorn 

Crazy Bacon 14

15. And just because we can…bourbon bacon brittle.

a stack of bourbon bacon brittle

16. This is a crazy combo that just might work…caramel marshmallow bacon bark.

Crazy Bacon 16

17.  It’s called Bacon Crack ’cause you just can’t stop eating it!

Crazy Bacon 17

18. Warm cheesy bacon dip

Crazy Bacon 18

19. Bacon wrapped guacamole stuffed chicken.

Crazy-good bacon

20. This is too cool for words.  Bacon wrapped volcano potato, filled with all the good stuff!

Crazy-good Bacon

21.  Although this looks disgusting…it just might be the best thing ever.  Bacon fried Oreos

Crazy Bacon 21

22.  What guy (or gal) wouldn’t love this bacon wrapped cheeseburger?

Crazy bacon 22

So, would you like some bacon with your bacon?


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