Finally a Real Innovation in Woodworking – Full Build Video

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I’ll be doing all of my full build projects this way from now on, posting progress videos on Patreon and then putting them all together when it’s finished to post here. This takes a bit of the video editing load off of me, since I’m doing smaller pieces as they happen, instead of one big long one at the end.

How I made the twin screw gear connected vise:

Get the plans for the gear vise:
Plans for the drill press table:
Drill press table build video:

The biggest thing I hated about my drill press was manually cranking the table up and down. The rack that makes that happen bent and wouldn’t work right again after that, plus it’s quite a reach around with a wooden table installed.
The motorized lift was salvaged from an old reclining chair I took apart years ago (you can watch that here: ) and is perfect for powering the table up and down.
As for the vise, the idea occured to me while doing another project that it would be great for drilling into the ends of shorter stock, or for holding small parts while drilling. Since I wasn’t using my twin screw vise where it was, I decided to use that. BUT a simple moxon vise would work as well.

So, what’s up with the split personality? Am I losing my mind?
Maybe. But after 12 years straight of making videos, I need something interesting to keep me engaged.
Doing this came to me when I thought about the changes I’d already made, and how I’d have to undo them to go ahead with this upgrade. So I had one of my typical pros and cons conversations with myself and thought it would be neat to act it out on video.
Will I do it again? Maybe, but it’s harder than it looks and I can see myself skipping it because of that and how long it takes to film and edit.

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