Real vs Fake Woodpeckers Tools | The Results May Shock You!

I wanted to know if Woodpeckers tools were worth the high price so I found some replicas on Amazon and decided to compare them. What do you think? Are they work the high prices compared to the knock offs?

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Tools in This Video:
Woodpeckers Paolini Pocket Rule Set –
Fake Pocket Rule Set –
Fake Pocket Rule (blue color) –
Woodpeckers T-Square –
Fake T-Square –
Woodpeckers Saddle T Square –
Fake Saddle T-Square –
Woodpeckers Tiny Square –
Fake Tiny Square –
Woodpeckers Small Carpenters Square (Delve Square) –
Fake Small Carpenter Square –
DFM Small Carpenter Square –
Pencil I Use –

TrueWerk Work Clothes – Use code WOODWORKS10 to save 10% off your order for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

The full list of tools and supplies I recommend can be found on my website:

Other Tools/Equipment I Use and Recommend:
T-Shirt I was Wearing –
Ariat boots I wear (super comfortable) –
Table Saw –
Table Saw Blade I’m Using –
Miter Saw –
Dust Extractor –
Tripod for Phone –
Phone Holder for Tripod –
Ariat boots I wear (super comfortable) –
Toolbox in Background –
Tool Wall over Miter Station –
Digital YouTube Sign –
Camera Gear I Use –
Computer Equipment I Use for Editing –

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0:00 Fake vs Real Tools
0:17 Paolini Pocket Rule vs Fake Rule
4:46 Woodpeckers T-Square vs China Made T-Square
8:26 Woodpeckers Saddle T Square vs Amazon Square
10:51 USA vs China Mini Square
12:06 Delve Square vs Amazon Carpenter Square
14:46 USA vs China Tools
15:05 Tool Warranties
15:25 TrueWerk Work Clothes Review

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