The Life Garage is based on the concept that people service their cars as a regular activity regardless of how well they are working, so why not their life?

Comprising six central concepts, theoretically grounded in psycho-social theory and positive psychology, but presented in a non-technical practical way, The Life Garage will provide you with an opportunity to develop the tools you need to become your own life mechanic and help tune up your life.

The simple idea at the heart of The Life Garage is that most people who own a car think nothing of signing up to a regular package of maintenance and servicing, but that few of us do the same thing for our own lives. For a car to run well, and not breakdown, having a planned and regular servicing and maintenance schedule are critical.

The Life Garage takes this concept and translates it into the world of everyday living. Well-being doesn’t need to be for people who have broken down (struggling with life). It also doesn’t need to be just for those who like meditating, yoga, and vegan food (although there is nothing wrong with those things). Because the word well-being can have some of these associations for people, and therefore put some people off, at The Life Garage we prefer to talk about living life well. The Life Garage is designed to take some of the best psycho-social principles for living life well and make them relevant for all.


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