Rockin’ Rhombus Quilt Tutorial

Sometimes, going simple is the way to go, like this rockin’ rhombus quilt from Sew Yeah on Youtube. Im a huge fan of intricate and elaborate quilt patterns, but there is undeniably a certain charm with simple and straightforward patterns. I love how simple and clean this rhombus quilt is. I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it, and I was able to finish it in less than a day. Super quick and easy, and it looks so beautiful. Its a good lap-size quilt that I give to my mother – which she really loves. So if you want a fun and quick quilt, try this pattern; you wont regret it. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions. Thanks to Sew Yeah for this gorgeous quilt pattern.


  • layer cakes
  • lella pouch & quilt set (rhombus template)
  • rotary cutter
  • clips or pins


Step 1

Lay two layer cakes right sides together, then line up the 15 1/2″ template and cut off all four sides. Cut all off your squares and separate them into two stacks: the ones that are pointing left, and the ones that are pointing right. Next, lay one right block, then line one left block on top along the short edge. Pin to secure them in place and sew them together, then press them nicely. Do this until you have your desired length.

Cutting the rhombus blocks for the rockin rhombus quilt
Image credits: Sew Yeah via Youtube

Step 2

Once you have your desired length, lay two in opposing directions. Do this alternately until you have your desired quilt top size. Sew your rows together, then sew those rows together to form the quilt top. (When sewing the rows, make sure to line up the corners and seams well.) Lastly, quilt it and your project is finished.

Sewing the rhombus blocks together to make the quilt top
Image credits: Sew Yeah via Youtube

Rockin’ Rhombus Quilt Tutorial

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