Getting Horrible Woodwork Corner Joints? Make This for $6

Woodworking projects with nice, tightly aligned corner joints, well finished – is a joy to complete and show to others so they too can appreciate the craftsmanship, but when things go wrong, and parts to line up like they should it can be frustrating and time consuming, I know, I have been there many times, which is why I now rely on a squaring jig to help me make all the sides and edges of woodworking projects come together like they should. It’s easy to make this jig and something you will use ALL THE TIME because it speeds up the process of building and at the same time accuracy of your build. Whether you make picture frames, wooden boxes, foot stools or small table, cabinet door or even smaller cabinets, this squaring jig is perfect for helping you get nice tight corners and edges in your woodworking and furniture woodwork projects.

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