College Peas: Tipping the Admissions Odds in Your Favor

College admissions is not what it seems! Even average students can beat the odds if they can differentiate themselves from other students. College Peas outlines a time-tested basic strategy for positioning yourself as the kind of student that colleges crave

Most high school students look like every other high school student to the college admissions staff. They have the same education, the same sports, the same activities and the same interests. Colleges need students who bring a fresh perspective to the classroom. 

Break the mold and get into the college of your dreams! 

Course content (“The Peas”) includes:

  • Preface- why college admissions causes so much angst!

  • Presenter- what colleges are interested in.

  • Perspective- why the numbers can be misleading

  • People- who are the people that help you get into college

  • Problem- better understand the choices that admissions professionals make and how they make them

  • Prepare- understand the power of Non Teenager Activities and why they are your silver bullet for getting in

  • Plan- learn about college Zones and how they can help you develop your short list of schools

  • aPPly- things you can do during the application process that will increase your odds

  • Re-aPPly- what to do if you don’t get in

  • Pick- how to choose the best college for you

  • Prologue- why the College Peas process is actually easier than the traditional path

  • Bonus material- answers to common questions


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