3 Ways to Get Your Towels Looking, Feeling & Smelling Great

Are your towels flat and dont look good anymore? These tips from Clean My Space on Youtube will surely help you make your towels fluffy and smell great again. Who would have thought a simple vinegar cycle could bring your towel back to its former glory? So if you want your towels to look great again, apply these tips today and see for yourself. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the following.

#1 Know When to Take Your Towels Out of the Dryer

If your towels aren’t dry enough, they’re going to be folded up, put into your linen closet, and they will get musty. Sometimes, you get your towel out and it feels dry but it’s still retaining moisture. To figure out if your towels are fully dry, hold them up to your mouth and suck in quickly. With this, you’ll be able to tell if there’s still moisture.

Knowing the right time to pull the towels out of the washing machine
Image credits: Clean My Space via Youtube

#2 Fluff Up After Drying

If you line-dry your towels, you might notice that they come up a little flat, scratchy, and uncomfortable. What you can do is take your towel fibers and quickly rub them together to kind of fluff them out. You can also use a soft bristle brush and give it a quick brush. Steamer is a great option as well.

#3 How to Fix Smelly Towels

To release the detergent buildup over time, do a hot vinegar cycle. Add one to two cups of plain white vinegar into your washing machine together with your towels. Run your cycle through on the hottest possible setting your washing machine has. After this, add a cup of baking soda and set the washing machine again to the hottest possible setting.

Vinegar washing your towels to get rid of the bad smell
Image credits: Clean My Space via Youtube

3 Ways to Get Your Towels Looking, Feeling & Smelling Great

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