10 Quilting Habits To Try for Beginners

If youre a beginner in quilting, you might want to learn the following habits to try from The Sewing Channel on Youtube. Picking up these habits is a good way to start your quilting journey, as youll be able to incorporate good practice into your routine early on. Watch the video below to learn the following.

#1 Piecing long strips

When piecing long strips together, they could get skewed. To avoid this, feed your strip to the sewing machine when you start, then flip that strip and turn it around, then start sewing at the other end and feed it into your sewing machine.

Piecing strips for quilting beginners
Image credits: The Sewing Channel via Youtube

#2 Setting the seam

Typically, quilters set their seams by laying down the seam and heating it up while folded. Try this: press the seams to the dark side. With this, you are placing your seams face up first, then nudging them with the iron to get them in the direction that you want.

#3 Piecing blocks or strips

When you are piecing blocks together, sew a few, then press them before continuing to add on your next pieces.

#4 Seams coming apart

Stay stitch all along the edge, locking in all of the seams around the entire edge. With this, when you tag and pull, your seams would not come apart.

#5 Bobbin running out

When you are in the zone while stitching or free-motion quilting and your bobbin runs out, it’s a mood killer. Pick up this habit: grab a bunch of empty bobbins when you’re in your downtime and just start winding and winding so you won’t stop what you’re doing the next time your bobbin runs out.

#6 Putting labels

Putting labels on your quilt is something that you have to work hard to implement as a habit.

#7 Clean up stray threads

Pick up the habit of cleaning up all of those stray threads on the back of your quilt.

#8 Trimming stray threads

When doing this, never use a straight pair of scissors. Always use a curved pair of little scissors.

#9 Get rid of old rotary blades

Don’t stack them on the corner, throw them right away as they could be dangerous especially if you have kids at home.

#10 Lock your rotary cutter

If you have pets or kids, it’s important to put your rotary cutter not only in the lock position but also place it up high.

Locking your rotary cutter when not in use
Image credits: The Sewing Channel via Youtube

10 Quilting Habits To Try for Beginners

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