How to Make Stilts of Shiguchi by Japanese woodworking

This course explains how to create stilts using shiguchi, a traditional Japanese woodworking technique, including the materials and tools used.

The course provides easy-to-understand explanations using images and specifications so that even beginners can produce these stilts using tools and materials available outside Japan.

The content that can be learnt in this course is as follows

The basic mechanism and structure of the stilts.

The tools needed to make stilts.

The materials required for the production of stilts.

How to make the stilts required for stilts.

We are confident that a wide range of people, from complete DIY beginners to experienced woodworkers, will be able to experience the best of Japanese technology.

Our lecturer is Masaaki Okimoto, a member of Utsuwa’s team of craftsmen and hand-carver who runs the construction shop “Kisaburo”, who will be sharing his 17 years of fine craftsmanship from the field, including a first-hand experience by architectural designer Rieko Uchida, who will be visiting his workshop in Kyoto.

We invite you to share with us photos of your successful creations and videos of you making use of them.

And if you have any questions, Utsuwa’s wonderful community of artisans will help you find the best answers.

So, come and experience the best of Japanese magic.














1. we shall not be liable for any injury or accident during the work in this course.

2. we accept no liability whatsoever for any damage resulting from the use of the knowledge and information obtained in this course.





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