This New Router Lift replaces ALL OF YOUR JIGS!

This new machine just changed my entire woodworking workflow. I’m test driving and reviewing the brand new Shark RS1000 Pro router lift from Next Wave. The RS1000 looks like an ordinary router table from the outside but has the brains of a CNC. Giving accurate control over your bit height and fence placement. The RS1000 has 14 built in apps that replace all sorts of jigs and saves a ton of setup time. The moment I saw this machine I knew I had to have one in my shop. Don’t be fooled by the touch screen and the motors. You don’t need to design anything on a computer to upload. In fact the machine doesn’t even allow you to upload files. Everything is built in and easy to use. AND you don’t have to use the apps and can use the machine like any other router table. Learn more about the Shark RS1000 Pro here:

★ Tools and supplies used in this video (Affiliate links) ★
Shop Stand:
Router Table Top:
Yellow Push Block:


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