Learn Pole Dancing!

Hello! I am RiA. I want you to possess the same sense of self-assurance that pole dancing gave me during some of the most trying moments of my life. In this course, I teach you to pole dance while demonstrating moves and combos from Level 1 with voiceover and subtitles in English. Warming up and stretching properly is essential before you begin dancing on the pole. Stretching will increase your flexibility during your workout by loosening up your muscles and tendons. Additionally, the increased blood flow to your muscles will get them ready for your workout.
To keep your bones and muscles in top condition, always pay attention to how you sit and stand.
Body awareness is crucial if you want to get in shape for training. You can make sure you’re constantly in the right position if you’re conscious of your posture. Better form and posture provide long-term benefits because they not only make you more Pole Fit but also improve blood flow, reduce aches and pains, help you avoid injuries, and improve your overall well-being. Remember to love your body and yourself. You can find me at @ria_vitafit on Instagram if you need anything. Aerial yoga, HooP, Chair Acrobatics, and other skills to learn will be covered in future courses.


I hope you enjoy honing your pole dancing techniques. Enjoy being a pole dancer!


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