Make a Coffee Table from Cardboard – Simple DIY furniture

Learn how to make simple coffee table completely by yourself. DIY ecological project using free and commonplace material – cardboard.

  • you will learn how to make furniture from free material, instead of buying ready-made and expensive furniture.

  • Get tremendous satisfaction from your creation.

  • You don’t need large spaces or carpentry skills, you can make furniture even on a table in a small apartment.

  • You will learn how to make unique furniture that will amaze everyone. No one will believe that this is actually cardboard and not wood.

  • It is a great ecological project that uses found materials.

We will make a coffee table or a table for a child.
Use the measurements that are in the Resources of the “Making the table” section.

You can change the dimensions to your needs. I recommend that the length of the table will be no more than 70-80 cm. because in cases of very long tables, there should be some support in the middle.

You can paint the table as I did, to make it look like wood, or paint it with a different color and style.

Cardboard furniture? Is it strong enough?

Yes very much. In the course, I teach the principles of building with cardboard so that its strength is properly utilized and thus it is possible to make strong furniture that carries weight.

Can the cardboard furniture be cleaned?

Definitely. We will paint the furniture with acrylic paint, and apply varnish, giving it a good protective layer against moisture. Then you can clean the table with a wet cloth.

Is it complicated?

It is very simple. We learn step by step, and every step is simple to understand and perform. And in the end, you will have an admirable piece of furniture that you built yourself.

And if there are failures? You can always fix it, it’s just cardboard.

The main thing is to enjoy the process and creation, we don’t look for perfection.

* The videos may contain cats.


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